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1U Appliance Recomm. 100 Users – 7,000 Mails – 50 Mbit


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Perfect complete network protection
Plug and Play easy to install and configure. No training is needed Anti Spam Quarantine works with Microsoft Active Directory LDAP Up to 3 Anti Virus engines running at the same time Eset, Kaspersky and ClamAV The VPN supports LAN to LAN and Client to LAN connections Office to Office VPN Connection Client to VPN connection for users on the road on public WiFi, hotels, cafes, airports Block social media with the web filtering Easily setup grouping to have different policy for different segments of the network.SecPoint® Protector™ UTM Firewall What is a UTM Firewall? UTM is an abbreviated version of Unified Threat Management. Theoretically, UTM technology can be termed as an evolved version of firewalls and a much more credible solution for network security. It offers a single all-inclusive security device/appliance that performs multiple functions for ensuring network security. It can simultaneously perform content filtering, VPN, network firewalling, gateway antivirus, load balancing, network intrusion prevention, data leak prevention and gateway anti-spam. This means, a UTM device can protect your network system from viruses, malicious threats, Trojans, spyware and similar threatening elements. SecPoint® Protector™ UTM Firewall: It is an exclusively developed next generation firewall. It features VPN Tunneling including, IPsec and PPTP. Moreover, it has an embedded high-level Intrusion Prevention System and Advanced Anti-Spam with Full Body E-Mail Scanning. SecPoint® Protector™ UTM Firewall also acts as a Wi-Fi Defender and secures your networking system. This device actually provides a comprehensive network security system through which your data and information is secured from attackers, Trojans and worms. It can easily prevent host of hacking platform from invading your privacy such as spams, viruses, worms and hackers. This device is not just a multi-purpose one but a comprehensive solution for all your network security related requirements. It is equipped with Mail Archiver, Application Controller, Web proxies and Websites Filtering capability and live chat support option. Another significant aspect is that this device is equipped with the best antivirus program. Its antivirus is so powerful and effective that it can perform multiple Vendors scanning. Additionally, all the security modules are incorporated already in the programming of SecPoint® Protector™ UTM Firewall. From serving as a host for the Cloud solution for your clients to covering a wide range of users approximately between 1-1000 users, this firewall is multi-functional and extremely versatile. Benefits of SecPoint® Protector™ UTM Firewall: This firewall is counted among the very best and most reliable solutions for network security of large and small scale workplaces. You can select this firewall as a virtual device for VMware as well as Microsoft Hyper-V. Moreover, you can easily select the recently released plug and play appliances. This device is compatible with a variety of plug and play devices and it is a very easy and quick process to install them. It has web filtering feature which allows the blocking of social media and optimizes the productivity aspect for users using the network. It also has Microsoft® Active Directory and LDAP support, due to which you can utilize the same username and passwords that you already have for web filtering. An important advantage of SecPoint® Protector™ UTM Firewall is that it has the highly revered anti-spam

SecPoint® Protector™ VPN UTM Firewall
The powerful SecPoint® Protector™ next generation firewall can help protect your network from attacks. It is easy to configure and setup via the user friendly GUI interface. SecPoint® Protector™ Best UTM Firewall features:
Block 23+ Applications
Block Undesired countries
Block 640+ Million Toxic IP Addresses
Full Data Privacy Menu
Precision Anti Spam with low false positives
Best Anti Virus support for Eset & ClamAV
MS Active Directory AD, Linux LDAP Support for Anti Spam users and Web Filtering users
Web Filtering with Group Policy
SecPoint® RBL List
Vulnerability Scanning
High Speed VPN
IPS Block Exploits & Ransomware
User friendly GUI easy to setup
Web filtering to easily control which websites are allowed
Powerful high speed Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
High Speed SSD Solid State Drive included
State of the Art Cyber Security
Alert Center For Fast Notifications
Full Mail Archive
User friendly Wizard step by step installation
Block Web Shells Anti Virus, Web Filtering, Content filtering, intrusion prevention IPS capability. Ultimate UTM Network Firewall Appliance.
Allows you to scan and secure incoming and outgoing traffic to the network.
Easy to synchronize. Firewall, VPN tunneling, IPsec, PPTP VPN
Complete Network Protection with Firewall UTM Capabilities
Protect you from threats incoming and outgoing
Strong Firewall and VPN Appliance with UTM and Web Filtering capabilities.


1 year Subscription, 3 years Subscription


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